HALLia VENEZiA – Venice crosses Schwäbisch Hall

Inspired by „carnevale di Venezia“ an the picturesque historic city centre of Schwäbisch Hall, a few citizens of Schwäbisch Hall founded HALLia VENEZiA in 1998.

Every year the masks and costumes are enchanting their visitors when they cross the medieval alleys of Schwäbisch Hall.

Only on year after its foundationHALLia VENEZiA has been a great success. Eight days before Carnival Monday lots of fantastic figures are populating the city centre of Schwäbisch Hall. Meanwhile the fascinating festival of masks has been establishing itself. 

Since april 2007 HALLia VENEZiA has been a non profit association. Nevertheless, everyone can participate.

The members of HALLia VENEZiA produce and pay for their costumes themselves. A plaster mask is taken by the own face to create the actual mask with paper and glue. The final mask is very light. Moreover, the fabrication of the costumes is very time consuming. Fantasy is limitless.

The masks and costumes are getting vivified by the ritualistic masquerade what describes the character of  the mask. The performers are walking slowly. They often persist in their gestures. It seems to be the case that there were slight touchings. 

Get excited about gorgeous costumes and imaginative masks. Be inspired!

Maybe you are a performer next year too.